Bryan Kearney Gives Us A Massive Trance Rework Of Gareth Emery’s “U”


The remix package of Gareth Emery’s newest hit, “U”, is being rolled out and has not disappointed in the slightest. Yesterday via Gareth’s soundcloud, he released the first big room remix done by none other then W&W. The dutch duo took the original track to another level by throwing down a massive electro house beat over the original progressive trance track.

Well today Gareth Emery has released the second remix to “U” done by the Irishmen, Bryan Kearney. Fresh off his massive set at A State of Trance 650, Bryan Kearney is back to show the world how good of a producer he truly is. This remix takes the original ideas of Gareth Emery and adds the true meaning of trance back onto the track.

The uplifting trance beat is flawless while still maintaing the ideas behind of the original song. The combination of Bryan Kearney’s beats and the incredible vocals of Bo Bruce, combine for one great track. Definitely check this track out below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

W&W Throw Their Own Spin On Gareth Emery’s Newest Hit “U”


W&W over the past few years have become known for their unique blend of big room sound and trance beats. With hits like the “The Code”, their remix to Armin Van Buuren’s This Is What It Feels Like”, and “Jumper”, the dutch duo has certainly created a name for themselves.

Currently sitting atop the Beatport Charts with their original track “Big Foot”, the duo is back with their first original remix of the year to Gareth Emery’s “U”. This big room take on this progressive trance track is reminisce to what they were able to accomplish when they remixed Armin’s “This Is What It Feels Like”. The remix they did for Armin Van Buuren was on of the biggest of 2013 and by the looks of this remix, “U”, it is set to be their next big remixed track.

The melodic and vocal intro is kept in-tune with the original version and when the beat drops the signature sound of W&W is on full display. Definitely check this track out below and check back on February 24th for the full release!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Anticipated “I AM HARDWELL” Opening Track “Everybody In The Place” (Working Title) [Preview]


First debuted in Amsterdam’s I AM HARDWELL event, Hardwell introduced to the world his next big electro/dutch single.  The track is similar in style to his original with W&W.  The intro is in a beautiful synth and has a unique catchy build-up.  It’ll have you mouthing to the beat.  The drop is bass-pounding with a mix of dutch-electro synths.

The track has yet to be officially previewed, but it’s officially a Hardwell track. It’ll be released on Hardwell’s label Revealed, but no date is confirmed..  The number one DJ in the world is known to play songs months, even years before they release.  He likes to get a feel of the crowd’s reaction in clubs and festivals, tweaking the track between it’s actual first play (the trial stage) and the final release.  This one

Hardwell has an overload of unreleased, brand new music coming out this year.  Fans are anticipating what has yet to come in 2014.  With several ID’s from 2013’s festivals still yet to be revealed or released, everyone is waiting on his next move.  Check out this live rip now and get ready for some new tunes in the upcoming months!

Enjoy, Russ