UZ and Aazar Give Away Their Latest Club Smasher “Shake”


UZ is more than just a name. It’s the sound of assaulting hi-hats reminiscent of a sub machine gun.  UZ’s popularity came with his mixtape entitled ‘TRAP SHIT’ to which he gained the support of many established DJ’s and label owners such as Mad Decent, OWSLA, BNR, SMOG, and Mau5trap.  Over the past two years he has remained on top of his game and a staple of the trap scene.

His identity is relatively unknown and he performs live with his signature mask for festival crowds and clubs alike.  He has laid back beats with on point percussion that will get anyone swaying back and forth.  But don’t be fooled by his minimalist approach as he has a tendency to manipulate trippy samples and leave audiences in awe.

His new single with Aazar, “Shake”, is a small treat for fans who have been missing his addictive style.  Flooded with rapid fire hi-hats, booming 808’s, and of course a vocal sample ‘Shake what your momma gave you!’ The music, the mask, the gun.  UZ is more than a man, he is a cult following.

Enjoy, Todd