Sikdope Gives Us An Unreal Remix To Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love”


The trending track of the week for DJ’s to remix goes to Beyonce and her new hit single “Drunk In Love”. Regardless of whatever genre you listen too, it is a rule that you have to be a fan of Beyonce and her incredible talent and amazingly good looks. Whether she is grinding up on Jay-Z at the Grammy’s or just simply touring the world, she just does everything right.

Well this week we have been blessed with several ridiculous remixes of Beyonce’s hit single and this remix done by Sikdope definitely takes the cake. Yes Diplo’s remix was also unreal, but this track just hits harder from a trap style standpoint. This remix is being supported by Buygore Records and record label owner Borgore himself.

Sikdope does his thing on this remix and really throws a completely different style on this track while still maintaing its slow original pace. This massive remix definitely requires good speakers and or headphones because let us tell you the bass hits hard! Lucky for all of us this track is available for free download and seems to be the perfect track for all of our trap lovers out there. Definitely check out this remix below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

W&W Throw Their Own Spin On Gareth Emery’s Newest Hit “U”


W&W over the past few years have become known for their unique blend of big room sound and trance beats. With hits like the “The Code”, their remix to Armin Van Buuren’s This Is What It Feels Like”, and “Jumper”, the dutch duo has certainly created a name for themselves.

Currently sitting atop the Beatport Charts with their original track “Big Foot”, the duo is back with their first original remix of the year to Gareth Emery’s “U”. This big room take on this progressive trance track is reminisce to what they were able to accomplish when they remixed Armin’s “This Is What It Feels Like”. The remix they did for Armin Van Buuren was on of the biggest of 2013 and by the looks of this remix, “U”, it is set to be their next big remixed track.

The melodic and vocal intro is kept in-tune with the original version and when the beat drops the signature sound of W&W is on full display. Definitely check this track out below and check back on February 24th for the full release!

-Enjoy, Lampert

“Turn Down For What”, Goshfather & Jinco Are Not In Their Remix To DJ Snakes Hit


“Turn Down For What” has become an anthem of sorts over these past few months when it was released and played out by the frenchmen, DJ Snake. Well with the new year in full swing and the track seemingly so 2013, leave it to the west coast duo Goshfather & Jinco, to release a massive remake of this ever so popular track.

The original trap style release featuring the vocals of Lil Jon, is given a whole new 128 BPM remake. The new electrifying sound throws more flair onto the track given it a pulse bounding electro house sound.

In true broed out west coast style, the duo has decided to give this epic remix away for free and thanks to them, the guys over at United By Dance definitely have a new pregame track. You should 100% check this track out below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Kaskade Remixes His Own Mashup “Turn It Down Animals”


Kaskade may have had one of the most prolific 2013’s an American DJ has ever seen. With a sold out tour and the release of his newest CD “Atmosphere”, Kaskade had a 2013 that most DJs could only dream of achieving their entire lifetime.

Well in order to continue to please his fans, Kaskade decided it was only necessary to throw a different spin on a mashup he made specifically for his “Atmosphere” tour. The original remix was a combination of Martin Garrix’s “Animals” combined with his own personal track “Turn It Down”. Well the results were awesome and absolutely turned arenas all around the United States upside down.

With festival season swiftly approaching Kaskade deemed it necessary to change up the track a bit and turn it into a festival banger! This new version combines Kaskades track “Turn It Down” with the Victor Niglio’s remix of “Animals”. This remix mashup is off the charts and is available for free download! Definitely check this track out below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

The “Feedback” Is In And Steve Aoki, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, And Autoerotique Have a Hit On Their Hands


After the debut of the Tomorrowland 2013 video back in September, quite a bit of buzz started stirring around the unidentified tracks that were IDed during the video. Well 44,000,000 plays later we have an answer for one of the biggest IDs on the video and it goes by the title “Feedback” by Steve Aoki, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Autoerotique.

This dance floor anthem combines the signature electro house sound of Aoki, the big room beats of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and the hardcore basslines of Autoerotique. This star studded collabartion is set to be released exclusive via Beatport on February 7th and on all other sites February 25th.

This mega-hit will easily be in contention for early track of 2014 and will be hyping up Festivals and Clubs worldwide. Check out the full length preview below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Wolfpack, & BoostedKids Throw Their Own Spin On “I Am”


When “I Am” was released back in September, it took the world by storm. What Axwell and Sick Individuals came up with was a gorgeous track combined with flawless vocals from Talyr Renee. Well since its release the track has seen numerous remixes from the likes of up and comers Jacob Plant and Deorro, each throwing their own distinct sound onto the track. Well leave Dimitri Vegas & Like, Wolfpack, & BoostedKids to throw down the best remix to date.

This remix was premiered during their sold-out “Bringing Home The Madness” shows in Belgium  The massive remix leaves the original vocals of Talyr Renee intact while canceling out the original melodic chords and in return we get a catchy electro house beat. Definitely check this track out below as it will definitely be shooting up the Beatport Charts very quickly.

-Enjoy, Lampert

The Chainsmokers Throw Their Own Spin On Ellie Goulding’s “Goodness Gracious”


What a 2013 it was for The Chainsmokers, who absolutely killed it with release after release. Well as 2014 continues to move along, the NYC based duo are set to release their official remix to Ellie Goulding’s hit “Goodness Gracious”.

With their newest hit “Selfie” set to be released tomorrow on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records, the duo takes a step back and goes back to their roots. The flawless vocals of Ellie Goulding mixed with their signature Indie Progressive sound combine for one epic track. This is the first of many big name remixes the duo has coming out within the upcoming weeks which will also include a remix they did for Bastille (which was just finished according to their facebook page).

With “Selfie” being released tomorrow and numerous remixes and original tracks in the making, 2014 is set to be The Chainsmokers biggest year yet. Check out their remix below and let us know what you think…but first let me take a Selfie!!!!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Victor Niglio Drops His Twerk VIP Remix To “Animals”


A lot of you may be thinking, oh sh*t another remix to “Animals” by Martin Garrix, well let us tell you this is definitely worth checking out.

The remix is done by none other then trap super star, Victor Niglio. This past year has been massive for Victor as he has exploded onto the scene with his massive remixes and original tracks. Well this Twerk styled VIP remix takes “Animals” to another level. Yes 2013 maybe over, but long live “Animals” and long live the Twerk VIP Remix.

You should 100% check this track out as it is going to be massive! Let us know what you think.

-Enjoy, Lampert

Pete Tong Debuts Sander Van Doorn’s Newest Track “Right Here, Right Now” (Neon)


When Sander Van Doorn debut his hit “Neon” a few months ago, the whole world knew the track was going to be a hit. The progressive styled track is perfect and continues to show why Sander Van Doorn ranks among the worlds best DJs year in and year out.

Well with the New Year just starting, leave it to Sander and his team to debut the vocal version of his hit track via Pete Tong’s BBC Radio One broadcast. The vocal remix goes by the title “Right Here, Right Now” and the vocal version only enhances the original track. Unfortunately at this time, we aren’t sure of the vocalist, but this guys voice is unreal!

When this track is released expect it to sky rocket up the Beatport Charts and expect to hear this track being played at world wide! This track is amazing, definitely check this one out!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Top Photo Credit: Ash Youd