The Disco Fries Launch Contest In Collaboration With Musical Freedom Records In Honor Of Their Newest Track “Philtrum”


Have you ever imagined what it is like to get an hour to skype with your favorite producer? Do you have questions about how to produce, what goes into song writing, and or just have something funny to ask? Well thanks to the Disco Fries and Tiesto’s label Musical Freedom, you now have that chance!

In honor of the release of their newest single “Philtrum”, which was released today on Beatport, the Disco Fries are running a massive contest that could result in you winning somethings stated above and few other awesome prizes! Head over to in order to enter the “Philitrum” Contest! Find out what you can win below.

– 1 Hour Skype Production Session with the Disco Fries. Ask the Disco Fries any and all production, songwriting, and food related questions during this live Skype session.
– Musical Freedom T-Shirt signed by Tiesto
– Sol Republic Deck
– Disco Fries Merch Pack

– Sol Republic Master Track Headphones & Relay In-Ears
– Musical Freedom T-Shirt signed by Tiesto
– Disco Fries Merch Pack

– Musical Freedom T-Shirt signed by Tiesto
– Disco Fries Merch Pack

For everyone who enters good luck and make sure to head over to Beatport (click here) in order to get your copy of the Disco Fries newest single “Philtrum”.

-Good luck, Lampert

WIWEK to Release “Salute” on Musical Freedom, February 7th


After releasing 4 brand new tracks, all by upcomers, Tiesto and Musical Freedom are prepared for their next release.  WIWEK is a Netherlands based producer.  He has releases on Mixmash RecordsRising Music, and Mad Decent, with support from Laidback Luke, Tiesto, Moska, A-trak and more.  Tiesto made a bold decision to sign this track because of WIWEK’s unorthodox producing style.

This track will easily have you singing along, “Left, Left, Left, Right Left!”.  It’s a very catchy tune and is the ideal signature electro WIWEK sound.  The build up is rather unique using a variety of sounds to help build the suspense, such as a whistle sound intertwined with WIWEK’s electro sounds.  He considers his crazy electro style “Jungleterror”. The drop is one of a kind- it’s the type of track you hear live and you look at your friends in awe.  “Jungleterror” is the perfect description for him.  Again, it’s unlike Tiesto’s other releases on Musical Freedom, but definitely worth checking this out.  Bass is needed for this track so make sure you bump it.

Enjoy, Russ

Tiestos Musical Freedom Releases ID Of Newest Track “Don’t Go Lose It”


There comes a time in the electronic dance music world when you see an IDed track, you sit there and ponder who this track could be by. Well when a track is IDed by Tiestos Musical Freedom Record Label, you get your hopes up that it could be an exclusive new Tiesto track. Well with a decent preview of the IDed track, which is titled “Don’t Go Lose It”, the funky uptempo style is definitely a unique release from the living legends record label.

With a lot of speculation behind this track, could this be a possible Tiesto track or could this be a collaboration of epic proportions? The rumor behind this ID is that it is Tiesto collaboration with up and coming duo Fire Beatz, but a lot of the time we tend to be off when it comes to guessing the artists.

Well only time will tell with this track, check back periodically as there is no specific release date for this track right now. Let us know what you think of this track, it is definitely funky and going to be very popular once released!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Top Photo Courtesy: Facebook