R3hab’s Follow-up Single To “Samurai”


R3hab relentlessly worked his way to be in the position that he’s in. R3hab’s original signature production sound we were all familiar with was filled with ‘bleeping’ dutch sounds.  There was much controversy over whether or not he could step outside of his safe zone, whether or not he could break his sound barrier.

If you follow EDM religiously, you’d know how diverse his production style has become. From melodic progressive house, to trap, to massive hard electro house, he has made a major impact on the EDM scene already and will continue to do so.

This time, he took the typical electro sound and turned it into something funky, bouncy electro and named it “Android”.  Once the clock hits the 42 second mark, he breaks the song down in a melodic anthem sounding synth.  The grinding, gassy synth of the drop is similar to MAKJ’s remix to “Not Taking This No More” by Nervo and Ivan Gough.  I hope you guys like the brand spanking new preview.  Help build the hype.  It’ll be released on Dim Mak on February 25th so prepare yourselves!

Enjoy, Russ

Colours 19th Birthday Party Did Not Disappoint With The Likes Of Makj, Benny Benassi, & The Blasterjaxx


It seems that every year when an anniversary comes around regardless of its significance, it gives us a reason to party. Well leave it to Scottish promoters Colours to present an absolutely wild 19th birthday celebration. In honor of such success the Scottish promoters decided it was only right to throw a completely over the top bash in order to celebrate 19 years of success.

The event took place this past Saturday at an event space called The Arches. The Arches has become a popular destination for DJs in the Scottish scene hosting the likes of Carl Cox, Alesso, and Laidback Luke just to name a few. Well with the lineup stacked to maximum capacity, the Arches did what it does best, they threw a massive rave.

The night started at around 10:30pm with opening DJs giving the crowd a little taste of what was to come. With the Arches being a rather large venue, the space was divided up into 3 distinct stages with 3 distinct sounds. The Past Arch which hosted Jeremy Paul and Tall Paul as the headliners was a stage dedicated to the electronica sound. The Present Arch which was headlined by Ferry Corsten and Marco V was put in place for all the trance fans. And finally the Future Arch was headlined by the likes of Benny BenassiMakj, and the Blasterjaxx for fans wanting that big room sound. By the feel of the crowd both the Present stage and the Future stages where definitely the place to be that night.


Kicking the night off in true Up and Comer fashion, Makj tore up the Future Stage. Making his UK debut, even Makj himself knew it was necessary to throw down a killer set. Selling out venues all over Europe on his “Lets Get Fucked Up Tour” this night was no different playing in front of another packed out room. Dropping hit after hit, Makj left the crowd wanting more and unfortunately like all sets they come and they go, but lucky enough the fans were left in good hands with Benny Benassi up next.

Like the legend he is, Benny Benassi took the stage a little after midnight, to the delight of the crowd, and absolutely did his thing. Benny Benassi has been on the scene for as long as people can remember and night in and night out continues to prove why he is a legend in the electronic dance music world. Dropping his top hits, the crowd sat there in aw of the living legend spinning another top notch set.


At 2am it was then Benny’s turn to turn the decks over rising superstars the Blasterjaxx. The dutch duo in 2013 absolutely blasted their way into the electronic dance music world. With big room tracks, they have more hits already in a short amount of time then some DJs will have in their career. Dropping some of their biggest tracks like “Mystica” and “That Big”, it was the perfect way to dance on into the night.

As the night came and went, one can only think about what Colours is going to do for their 20th birthday bash, as it is officially less then a year away now! If you happened to miss out on this wild night, need not fear as some of the biggest talent is heading to Scotland within the upcoming weeks. If you were there definitely let us know what you thought of the night and head over to our Facebook page to see if you made it into any of our photos!

-Keep Raging, Lampert

Landis “Dive”s Into This Latest Remix Out On Armada


Ryan Landis is as diverse as you can get when it comes to producers now-a-days.  Coming fresh off of a remix with Robby Rivera of “Young Folks”, this American has a lot of potential.  We love our home-bred producers here in the United States and take pride in them; Landis is one of the up comers with a lot of hope.  He’s gained support from his huge collab with Corporate Slackers, “Smash” by Laidback Luke, MAKJ, Hardwell, etc.

“Dive” is an original track by Hot Mouth vs Nezzo feat Hope on the vocal aspect.  Landis gives the track a bouncy feel by sticking to some of the original’s synths and chords.  The electro synths are short and quick; so it fills the air with tons of energy. It will explode any atmosphere like a bottled up rocket.  Bump this loudly and enjoy the bouncy electro-ness.  Check out the other remix as well; it’s a crazy hard electro banger.  They’re both out on Armada Music, available on Beatport so grab a copy today.

Enjoy, Russ

Size Records Ready to Release Another Bomb Courtesy Of Up And Comer VYNO

 Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 1.22.22 PM

Size Records has been moderately active in 2014 and we’re not even a month into the new year.  They have released two new tracks and have now given us the preview to the third, “Heroes”.  The mastermind behind this new track goes by the name VYNO.  VYNO’s upbringing is relatively shady as of right now, but what we do know is that he is a European living in Chicago who has been supported by the likes of Steve Angello, Axwell, Marcus Schossow, Henry Fong, Nicky Romero, and more.  If you don’t know much about him, you should definitely check out his soundcloud (click here) ; his productions are definitely worth listening too.

 This new track, “Heroes”, is clearly one of Steve Angello’s more powerful weapons in his artillery.  The build-up has a dark and deep feel due to the synths and chords that VYNO throws in, while the breakdown gives the production a livelier feel.  The drop is one that you will not forget as it may come as a surprise due its change from buildup to drop.

The drop is comparable  to MAKJ’s “Mad Max”, but has a crispier sound to it, making it all its own. The track is set to be released on February 10th and is definitely something you want to keep an eye out for! Check this track out below and let us know what you think.

Enjoy, Russ

Makj To Embark On His North American “Peyote Tour”

Peyote Tour

In a few short months Mackenzie Johnson also known as Makj, went from a relatively unknown to being hailed as one of the next up and comers in the edm world. With support from almost every major DJ world wide, Makj is set for a massive 2014.

In the wake of a sold out European tour, Makj is back to announce his first ever headlining North American Tour. The tour is set to begin February 16th and end April 26th with Makj hitting every major stop in the US & Canada on his “Peyote Tour” including plays at Coachella, Northern Lights Festival, XS & Surrender, Ruby Skye, Webster Hall, and Winter Music Conference. Above you will find all the dates and locations of the tour and the ticket link is below.

United By Dance will be in attendance, will you?

Makj Ticket Link (Click Here)

-See You There, Lampert

Henry Fong’s “Stand Up” To Be Released On OWSLA, Remix Package Included


Another rising American producer to watch out for is Henry Fong. One of his most prominent production projects was given away as a free download, “Stand Up”.  In addition, he has several remixes and originals under his belt including a hard electro remix for Zedd’s “Stay The Night”, a remix for Kill the Noise’s “Mosh It Up”, a collaboration with MAKJ called “Encore”, a collaboration with Mike Hawkins and Pablo Oliveros “Jump!”, and many more.  Whether it’s grimy, pounding electro-house or happy progressive, Henry Fong is a brilliant artist.

Just like some other popular free downloads (“Yee” and “Lose It” by Deorro), “Stand Up” has been picked up and signed by a major label; Skrillex and OWSLA were the lucky winners with “Stand Up”.  

Since we’re talking about OWSLA, as you would expect, we are given a trap remix, a tech-house remix, and a wild-electro one to top it off.  Milo and Otis deck this track out into a trap version.  Destructo goes really dark and techy, giving is some grimy flare.  DallasK gave the track a progressively, hard electro, OWSLA sounding remix.  The package is out on February 11th.

Enjoy, Russ

Time For A “Rave-Olution” With Kenneth G And AudioTwinz


Today, January 27th, is a special day for Kenneth G.  Ironically, it’s not just because he released another one of his bombs to a major label.  No.  This isn’t his first release on this label as Kenneth G and Hysteria have previously given us tracks such as “Duckface” (a collaboration with Bassjackers), “Bazinga”, and “Stay Weird” (aka Bazinga 2.0).  Today marks Kenneth’s birthday- what better way to celebrate a birthday other than releasing your next club-smashing idea?

AudioTwinz are an upcoming British duo and are actually twins.  Already supported by Laidabck Luke, Juyen Sebulba, MAKJ, Bassjackers, etc, they have a bright future ahead of them and are off to a brilliant start.  You can head over to their twitter page and check out some of their upcoming tracks that they’ve tweeted here: AudioTwinz .

This track, “Rave-Olution”, is a bouncy electro bomb.  Kenneth G’s dutch synths are present while AudioTwinz seems to have given the bouncyness to the track.  The banger has been gaining support around the industry and will continue to do so.  It was premiered at Stereosonic in Australia, by none other than the Bingo Players themselves.  Now show your support and head over to beatport to grab the track today.

Buy Rave-Olution On Beatport Here

Enjoy, Russ