Dillon Francis & DJ Snake “Get Low” In Their Newest Track


Easily one of the most anticipated songs of 2014 has finally arrived in the form of a ridiculous collaboration between EDM’s comedic genius, Dillon Francis, and the ever so fashionable, DJ Snake.

This song has been around for quite some time now, being teased and played out by both DJs respectively. For everyone anyone who has been on Dillon Francis’s Instagram recently can definitely support the ridiculous, yet, hilarious videos.

What makes “Get Low” such a massive track is that it combines both Dillon Francis’s and DJ Snakes strong suits, with Dillon Francis laying down the moombaton style while DJ Snake supplies the electro flair. This arabian theme track takes everything to the next level reveling how the unique sounds of electronic dance music continue to involve day in and day out.

This track after a much anticipated wait has finally been released today off of Diplo’s record label, Mad Decent. Expect this track to sky rocket up the Beatport Charts in a hurry, but for now check out the track below! This track is going to be a hit, what do you think of this massive collaboration?

-Enjoy, Lampert

“Turn Down For What”, Goshfather & Jinco Are Not In Their Remix To DJ Snakes Hit


“Turn Down For What” has become an anthem of sorts over these past few months when it was released and played out by the frenchmen, DJ Snake. Well with the new year in full swing and the track seemingly so 2013, leave it to the west coast duo Goshfather & Jinco, to release a massive remake of this ever so popular track.

The original trap style release featuring the vocals of Lil Jon, is given a whole new 128 BPM remake. The new electrifying sound throws more flair onto the track given it a pulse bounding electro house sound.

In true broed out west coast style, the duo has decided to give this epic remix away for free and thanks to them, the guys over at United By Dance definitely have a new pregame track. You should 100% check this track out below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Major Lazer Debut Their Newest Track “Aerosol Can” ft. Pharrell Williams Off Their New EP “Apocalypse Soon”


Over the past few years Major Lazer has turned into something more then anyone could have imagined. Their unique infusion of reggae and electronic dance music puts the trio in a league of their own. So in light of their massive success leave it to Diplo, Walshy Fire, and Jillionaire to drop their newest 5 track EP titled “APOCALYPSE SOON”.

The new EP is set to feature the likes of Pharrell Williams, Sean Paul, Michael Montano, Mr. Fox, RDX and Moska. All of these artists and DJs alike will help make this follow up to their first EP “Free The Universe” such a success.

With the release date set for February 25th, Major Lazer has released one of the tracks off the new EP which is titled “Aersol Can” featuring Pharrell Williams. This minimalist track features the extensive vocals of Pharrell Williams while Major Lazer helps create the beat. The beat may not be what we are used to from Major Lazer, but it certainly packs a punch in its own way.

If this track is any indication of what is to come from the trio that is Major Lazer, us fans are definitely in for a treat. Definitely check this track out below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

UZ and Aazar Give Away Their Latest Club Smasher “Shake”


UZ is more than just a name. It’s the sound of assaulting hi-hats reminiscent of a sub machine gun.  UZ’s popularity came with his mixtape entitled ‘TRAP SHIT’ to which he gained the support of many established DJ’s and label owners such as Mad Decent, OWSLA, BNR, SMOG, and Mau5trap.  Over the past two years he has remained on top of his game and a staple of the trap scene.

His identity is relatively unknown and he performs live with his signature mask for festival crowds and clubs alike.  He has laid back beats with on point percussion that will get anyone swaying back and forth.  But don’t be fooled by his minimalist approach as he has a tendency to manipulate trippy samples and leave audiences in awe.

His new single with Aazar, “Shake”, is a small treat for fans who have been missing his addictive style.  Flooded with rapid fire hi-hats, booming 808’s, and of course a vocal sample ‘Shake what your momma gave you!’ The music, the mask, the gun.  UZ is more than a man, he is a cult following.

Enjoy, Todd

WIWEK to Release “Salute” on Musical Freedom, February 7th


After releasing 4 brand new tracks, all by upcomers, Tiesto and Musical Freedom are prepared for their next release.  WIWEK is a Netherlands based producer.  He has releases on Mixmash RecordsRising Music, and Mad Decent, with support from Laidback Luke, Tiesto, Moska, A-trak and more.  Tiesto made a bold decision to sign this track because of WIWEK’s unorthodox producing style.

This track will easily have you singing along, “Left, Left, Left, Right Left!”.  It’s a very catchy tune and is the ideal signature electro WIWEK sound.  The build up is rather unique using a variety of sounds to help build the suspense, such as a whistle sound intertwined with WIWEK’s electro sounds.  He considers his crazy electro style “Jungleterror”. The drop is one of a kind- it’s the type of track you hear live and you look at your friends in awe.  “Jungleterror” is the perfect description for him.  Again, it’s unlike Tiesto’s other releases on Musical Freedom, but definitely worth checking this out.  Bass is needed for this track so make sure you bump it.

Enjoy, Russ