Finally, “Good Meet Evil, Evil Meet Good” On Hysteria


Grinding with bass, potentially glass-shattering-bass, this track on Hysteria “Good Meet Evil, Evil Meet Good” by Anybody has an overload of potential to destroy festivals and clubs around the world.  Anybody has gained major support from Dada Life. The Bingo Players have been playing this out track out lately, as it is their latest release on their label, Hysteria.  

Knowing The Bingo Players style of releases (based on consistent history), this track has what most other tracks on Hysteria typically have- hard massive bass, crazy dutch infused bubbles/ dutch sounds, and a feel-good melodic break down.  It released yesterday, Febraury 17th, 2014.  Let us know what you think!

Enjoy, Russ

Time For A “Rave-Olution” With Kenneth G And AudioTwinz


Today, January 27th, is a special day for Kenneth G.  Ironically, it’s not just because he released another one of his bombs to a major label.  No.  This isn’t his first release on this label as Kenneth G and Hysteria have previously given us tracks such as “Duckface” (a collaboration with Bassjackers), “Bazinga”, and “Stay Weird” (aka Bazinga 2.0).  Today marks Kenneth’s birthday- what better way to celebrate a birthday other than releasing your next club-smashing idea?

AudioTwinz are an upcoming British duo and are actually twins.  Already supported by Laidabck Luke, Juyen Sebulba, MAKJ, Bassjackers, etc, they have a bright future ahead of them and are off to a brilliant start.  You can head over to their twitter page and check out some of their upcoming tracks that they’ve tweeted here: AudioTwinz .

This track, “Rave-Olution”, is a bouncy electro bomb.  Kenneth G’s dutch synths are present while AudioTwinz seems to have given the bouncyness to the track.  The banger has been gaining support around the industry and will continue to do so.  It was premiered at Stereosonic in Australia, by none other than the Bingo Players themselves.  Now show your support and head over to beatport to grab the track today.

Buy Rave-Olution On Beatport Here

Enjoy, Russ