Dvbbs & Vinai Never Stop With Their Newest Track “Raveology”

dvbbs 2

The Canadian duo that is know as DVBBS can easily be considered one of the breakout duos of 2013. With two of the biggest tracks in the entire EDM world, “Stampede” and “Tsunami”, the duo is posed for another massive year. Well in order to continue their massive rise the duo is set to release their newest track “Raveology” with Italian duo Vinai.

This track is set to be the first major anthem of 2014 with its release date set for January 13th. The track has been around for quite a bit of time now, but has recently picked up major traction being played out by a lot of the major DJs worldwide. The track and its title are just to catchy not to play and of course the lead vocals of “never stop, never stop, never stop the f*ckin rave,” are driving crowds crazy worldwide.

Check out the full preview below and let us know how you plan to never stop the f*ckin rave!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Top Photo Courtesy: Facebook