R3hab’s Follow-up Single To “Samurai”


R3hab relentlessly worked his way to be in the position that he’s in. R3hab’s original signature production sound we were all familiar with was filled with ‘bleeping’ dutch sounds.  There was much controversy over whether or not he could step outside of his safe zone, whether or not he could break his sound barrier.

If you follow EDM religiously, you’d know how diverse his production style has become. From melodic progressive house, to trap, to massive hard electro house, he has made a major impact on the EDM scene already and will continue to do so.

This time, he took the typical electro sound and turned it into something funky, bouncy electro and named it “Android”.  Once the clock hits the 42 second mark, he breaks the song down in a melodic anthem sounding synth.  The grinding, gassy synth of the drop is similar to MAKJ’s remix to “Not Taking This No More” by Nervo and Ivan Gough.  I hope you guys like the brand spanking new preview.  Help build the hype.  It’ll be released on Dim Mak on February 25th so prepare yourselves!

Enjoy, Russ

Steve Aoki & Coone “Can’t Stop The Swag” With Their Newest Track


With 2014 in full swing it has become very evident that Steve Aoki’s record Label Dim Mak is looking to broaden its horizons this upcoming year. Becoming known as a predominatly electro house label, Dim Mak for the first time is venturing down the path of the ever growing popular genre of Hardstyle.

For the first time Steve Aoki has teamed up with Coone to release the first ever hardstyle track on Dim Mak Records. The track goes by the title of “Can’t Stop The Swag”, and by the looks of this track there is certainly no slowing down this beat. What this track is able to bring together is the distinct house production ability of Steve Aoki combined with the aggressive hardstyle of Coone.

This track is definitely unique, but is for sure worth checking out, let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Dim Mak Previews Linkin Park & Steve Aoki’s “A Night That Never Comes” Remix Package


Dim Mak Records previews the remix package of Steve Aoki’s latest collaboration with Linkin Park.  The package covers almost every sub-genre.  Slow and chill? Check. Progressive House? Check. Electro House? Check. Even Hardstyle? Check.

Linkin Park’s vocals are given several new looks.  Angger Dimas and TwoLoud bring in the big-room electro sounds while Coone brings in more massive bass with a hard style remix.  Vicetone  brings their style to turn the track into something more progressive and catchy. The tracks release on January 21st so keep your eye on the date.

Enjoy, Russ