Blasterjaxx Release Vocal Mix To Their Hit “Mystica”


The big room electro house sound has become the staple of the Blasterjaxx since their emergence into the world of electronic dance music this past year. With support from the likes of HardwellTiesto, and many others, the sky is the limit for the #71 ranked DJs in the world.

The Blasterjaxx’s hit single “Mystica” has been tearing up the charts since its release at the beginning of the New Year. Well with track having such success, the dutch duo have released a vocal mix which has been titled “Mystica (Werewolf)”. The vocals which are a nice add on definitely enhance the track and add new dimension onto an already flawless hit.

The track was released yesterday on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings and can purchased exclusively on Beatport. Definitely check this track out below and let us know what you think! Do you like the original or the vocal mix better?

-Enjoy, Lampert

United By Dance Pregame Playlist Episode 1


Another week in the books, people, and that can only mean one thing: it’s the weekend!

And because it’s Friday, United By Dance is here to present to you its first ever epic pregame playlist! This pregame playlist is meant specifically for everyone who makes raging a lifestyle and wants the biggest and best songs to get your pregame started right!

This list is in no specific order, but enjoy it!

-Enjoy Your Weekend, Lampert

The Blasterjaxx “Save My Night” With Their Big Room Remix To Armin Van Buuren’s Hit


Some could call The Blasterjaxx the breakout duo of 2013, landing in at the #71 spot on the DJ Mag Top 100 List. With their infectious big room sound, the duo continues to absolutely master their craft and create some of the biggest original and remixed tracks in the world.

Well with 2014 in full swing the duo is back with their biggest remix to date of Armin Van Buuren’s hit “Save My Night”. The duo is able to take an elegant trance track and throw a completely different spin on it. Their unique production abilities are able to maintain the beautiful style of Armin Van Buuren while throwing down their own big room sound.

This track is set to be released on February 24th on Armada Records and is destined for big things! Definitely check this track out below and let us know what you think.

-Enjoy, Lampert

A New Potential Blasterjaxx’s Track? Lets Hope So


A little over 4 years ago, the duo that is the Blasterjaxx was formed. As two friends with strong contrasting personalities they learned to work off of each others strengths and negate each other’s weaknesses.

Well over this 4 year span something truly magical had formed between Thom Jongkind & Idir Makhlaf, and now the Blasterjaxx are one of the fastest rising duo’s in the electronic dance music scene. Known for their big room sound, they took 2013 by storm with hits like “Mystica” and now dropping their newest track “Titan”.

Well with 2014 in full swing, its time to start focusing on the potential tracks that could be seen coming at us in 2014. A few weeks ago a track was IDed from the Blasterjaxx that has the working title “Echo”. This massive electro house track continues with the duo’s every growing popular big room sound and melodic intro’s.

This potential new track is absolutely massive and whenever this track is made available to the world, expect it to do big things. This is one track you definitely want to check out below and like always let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Colours 19th Birthday Party Did Not Disappoint With The Likes Of Makj, Benny Benassi, & The Blasterjaxx


It seems that every year when an anniversary comes around regardless of its significance, it gives us a reason to party. Well leave it to Scottish promoters Colours to present an absolutely wild 19th birthday celebration. In honor of such success the Scottish promoters decided it was only right to throw a completely over the top bash in order to celebrate 19 years of success.

The event took place this past Saturday at an event space called The Arches. The Arches has become a popular destination for DJs in the Scottish scene hosting the likes of Carl Cox, Alesso, and Laidback Luke just to name a few. Well with the lineup stacked to maximum capacity, the Arches did what it does best, they threw a massive rave.

The night started at around 10:30pm with opening DJs giving the crowd a little taste of what was to come. With the Arches being a rather large venue, the space was divided up into 3 distinct stages with 3 distinct sounds. The Past Arch which hosted Jeremy Paul and Tall Paul as the headliners was a stage dedicated to the electronica sound. The Present Arch which was headlined by Ferry Corsten and Marco V was put in place for all the trance fans. And finally the Future Arch was headlined by the likes of Benny BenassiMakj, and the Blasterjaxx for fans wanting that big room sound. By the feel of the crowd both the Present stage and the Future stages where definitely the place to be that night.


Kicking the night off in true Up and Comer fashion, Makj tore up the Future Stage. Making his UK debut, even Makj himself knew it was necessary to throw down a killer set. Selling out venues all over Europe on his “Lets Get Fucked Up Tour” this night was no different playing in front of another packed out room. Dropping hit after hit, Makj left the crowd wanting more and unfortunately like all sets they come and they go, but lucky enough the fans were left in good hands with Benny Benassi up next.

Like the legend he is, Benny Benassi took the stage a little after midnight, to the delight of the crowd, and absolutely did his thing. Benny Benassi has been on the scene for as long as people can remember and night in and night out continues to prove why he is a legend in the electronic dance music world. Dropping his top hits, the crowd sat there in aw of the living legend spinning another top notch set.


At 2am it was then Benny’s turn to turn the decks over rising superstars the Blasterjaxx. The dutch duo in 2013 absolutely blasted their way into the electronic dance music world. With big room tracks, they have more hits already in a short amount of time then some DJs will have in their career. Dropping some of their biggest tracks like “Mystica” and “That Big”, it was the perfect way to dance on into the night.

As the night came and went, one can only think about what Colours is going to do for their 20th birthday bash, as it is officially less then a year away now! If you happened to miss out on this wild night, need not fear as some of the biggest talent is heading to Scotland within the upcoming weeks. If you were there definitely let us know what you thought of the night and head over to our Facebook page to see if you made it into any of our photos!

-Keep Raging, Lampert

Blasterjaxx & Badd Dimes Drop Their Newest Single “Titan”


To burst onto the scene as quickly as the Blasterjaxx did this past year was truly remarkable. Having only broken into the major markets outside of North America, the sky is the limit for this dutch duo when they touchdown in the United States and Canada this year. Commanding major clubs and festivals worldwide with their bigroom sound, the Blasterjaxx are truly the next big duo to take over the electronic dance music scene.

Continuing down the path of big room progressive tracks, the Blasterjaxx are back to team up with Bad Dimes to drop their newest single “Titan”. This track has been making its rounds around the edm world for a little bit of time now, but the release of this massive track is finally here. With a melodic buildup combined with a massive drop, this track is sure to make crowds go crazy worldwide.

“Titan” was finally released today off of Spinnin Records and is available for purchase on Beatport! Definitely check out this track below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Hardwell To Release “Back To Earth” By British Trio Futuristic Polar Bears


Who are the Futuristic Polar Bears you might ask? Hailing from Britain, they are Hardwell’s latest find.  They are a British trio with tons of potential.  Their soundcloud is definitely worth checking out.  They have some hidden gems in their arsenal.

First premiered during Hardwell’s Tomorrowworld 2013 set in Atlanta, Georgia, tons of fans thought “Back To Earth” was a new Blasterjaxx track, or maybe their collaboration with Bassjackers (both duo’s have teased fans on social media networks about a collaboration underway).  Hardwell debuted this as a recognized track in his “Hardwell On Air” Episode 151.

The breakdown is in a spine-chilling synth, leading to a melodic bridge.  It fades away into a crazy build-up, and drops into a massive big-room electro festival killer.  The bass sounds similar to Blasterjaxx’s signature bass, as seen in another one of their track’s, “Fifteen”, out on Revealed Records.  This was another reason why loads of people thought it was a new Blasterjaxx track.  It’s a major big-room electro banger and this trio needs more recognition.  The track will be released on Revealed Records on February 3rd.  Let us know what you think!

Enjoy, Russ