Visionaire, Delivio Reavon & Aaron Gill Release Their Newest Track “Right Now”


What makes the electronic dance music scene such an unreal place is that it is open for opportunity and if you follow your dream’s anything is possible. Well this idea holds true behind the story of New York City based producer, Visionarie

It was a little over 2 years ago, this young man bursted onto the scene with an idea and his talent in hand and the rest could be considered history. With over 40,000 facebook followers and growing, the NYC based producer is finally getting his time to shine and damn is he making the most of it.

In honor of the 40,000 Facebook followers, Visionaire has released his newest track in collaboration with dutch producers Delivio Reavon & Aaron Gill. The track which is titled “Right Now”, is what some would call a delicious big room electro house banger, and we couldn’t agree more.

The melodic buildup combined with its massive drop definitely makes “Right Now” into a massive track and continues to show how diverse of a producer Visionarie is. Definitely check this track out below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

W&W Throw Their Own Spin On Gareth Emery’s Newest Hit “U”


W&W over the past few years have become known for their unique blend of big room sound and trance beats. With hits like the “The Code”, their remix to Armin Van Buuren’s This Is What It Feels Like”, and “Jumper”, the dutch duo has certainly created a name for themselves.

Currently sitting atop the Beatport Charts with their original track “Big Foot”, the duo is back with their first original remix of the year to Gareth Emery’s “U”. This big room take on this progressive trance track is reminisce to what they were able to accomplish when they remixed Armin’s “This Is What It Feels Like”. The remix they did for Armin Van Buuren was on of the biggest of 2013 and by the looks of this remix, “U”, it is set to be their next big remixed track.

The melodic and vocal intro is kept in-tune with the original version and when the beat drops the signature sound of W&W is on full display. Definitely check this track out below and check back on February 24th for the full release!

-Enjoy, Lampert

A New Potential Blasterjaxx’s Track? Lets Hope So


A little over 4 years ago, the duo that is the Blasterjaxx was formed. As two friends with strong contrasting personalities they learned to work off of each others strengths and negate each other’s weaknesses.

Well over this 4 year span something truly magical had formed between Thom Jongkind & Idir Makhlaf, and now the Blasterjaxx are one of the fastest rising duo’s in the electronic dance music scene. Known for their big room sound, they took 2013 by storm with hits like “Mystica” and now dropping their newest track “Titan”.

Well with 2014 in full swing, its time to start focusing on the potential tracks that could be seen coming at us in 2014. A few weeks ago a track was IDed from the Blasterjaxx that has the working title “Echo”. This massive electro house track continues with the duo’s every growing popular big room sound and melodic intro’s.

This potential new track is absolutely massive and whenever this track is made available to the world, expect it to do big things. This is one track you definitely want to check out below and like always let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Blasterjaxx & Badd Dimes Drop Their Newest Single “Titan”


To burst onto the scene as quickly as the Blasterjaxx did this past year was truly remarkable. Having only broken into the major markets outside of North America, the sky is the limit for this dutch duo when they touchdown in the United States and Canada this year. Commanding major clubs and festivals worldwide with their bigroom sound, the Blasterjaxx are truly the next big duo to take over the electronic dance music scene.

Continuing down the path of big room progressive tracks, the Blasterjaxx are back to team up with Bad Dimes to drop their newest single “Titan”. This track has been making its rounds around the edm world for a little bit of time now, but the release of this massive track is finally here. With a melodic buildup combined with a massive drop, this track is sure to make crowds go crazy worldwide.

“Titan” was finally released today off of Spinnin Records and is available for purchase on Beatport! Definitely check out this track below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

R3hab Embraces His Inner “Samurai” With His Newest Track

In order to fully appreciate the tracks that R3hab makes, one has to be a fan of the electro house sounds he produces. Track after track, R3hab is consistent on the sound he is producing and the sound he is attempting to master. With an absolutely epic 2013, R3hab is back to debut his first single of 2014 which goes by the title “Samurai”.

This massive electro house track has been R3hab’s anthem for a little bit of time now, being played out in his sets for the past several months. What R3hab does so well in this track, unlike others, is that he truly builds this intro. The melody he produces in the intro keeps fans on edge into the beat drops into the signature R3hab electro house sound.

This track is set to be released on February 7th off of Spinnin Records and expect to see this track run up the Beatport charts in a hurry. Check out the music video above and the soundcloud link below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

R3hab Embraces His Inner “Samurai” With His Newest Track

r3hab 3

Well, well ,well, looks like R3hab is back for the start of the New Year with his first major release off of Spinnin Records.

The track goes by the title “Samurai” (Go Hard) and for most big time fans, we can tell you for certain this song has been around for quite some time now. But the full preview is finally here and damn does this song sound good.

R3hab certainly embraces the full inner workings of the “Samurai” on this track and throws down a massive big room electro house track. We aren’t sure on an exact release date yet, but keep checking back as we will eventually have the information for you guys! This song is going to be massive once it officially hits the market, definitely check this track out and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Top Photo Courtesy: Facebook

Sandro Silva & Junkie Kid Preview Their Newest Track “Miraj”

sandro silva

Well looks like Doorn Records is on a bit of a hot streak to begin the year, with another preview to their newest release “Miraj”.

“Miraj” is certainly an interesting track with a great melodic buildup which then proceeds into a totally unexpected drop. This track in our eyes isn’t exactly electro house, but could be more closely related to something like Jumpstyle.

The team behind this track is none other then rising dutch superstar Sandro Silva and the the young spaniard Junkie Kid. The interesting jump style drop could definitely be attributed back to Junkie Kids hardstyle background, but this song is definitely up for interpretation  Check out the track below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

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Dvbbs & Vinai Never Stop With Their Newest Track “Raveology”

dvbbs 2

The Canadian duo that is know as DVBBS can easily be considered one of the breakout duos of 2013. With two of the biggest tracks in the entire EDM world, “Stampede” and “Tsunami”, the duo is posed for another massive year. Well in order to continue their massive rise the duo is set to release their newest track “Raveology” with Italian duo Vinai.

This track is set to be the first major anthem of 2014 with its release date set for January 13th. The track has been around for quite a bit of time now, but has recently picked up major traction being played out by a lot of the major DJs worldwide. The track and its title are just to catchy not to play and of course the lead vocals of “never stop, never stop, never stop the f*ckin rave,” are driving crowds crazy worldwide.

Check out the full preview below and let us know how you plan to never stop the f*ckin rave!

-Enjoy, Lampert

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United By Dance Is Back


Hey everyone, as we enter 2014 we just would like to let you know is back and ready to provide you guys with the biggest and best beats in the electronic dance music world. 2014 is set to a big year for the website and we hope you guys are ready to come along for the ride. Thank you all so much for the early support and we are ready to come back with so many tracks, we hope you guys can keep up! Who is ready for some new music?!?!

-We Can’t Wait, Lampert