Tiësto Releases Bassjackers Remix To His Hit “Maximal Crazy”


It was a little over two and a half years ago that Tiësto unleashed upon us his mega hit “Maximal Crazy”. This hard hitting electro house master piece shot up the Beatport Charts where it sat there for quite a bit of time then and is still a highly regarded track now.

Well after being released for such a long period of time, Tiësto is finally back to grace us with the full remix of his hit done by none other then the dutch duo, The Bassjackers. This remix, which was released via Beatport back in 2011, is finally available for full viewing via Tiësto’s soundcloud. This remix, even though miniminal (no pun intended), actually adds a whole new element to this massive track. The added grunge definitely adds a different flair to the drop while maintaing the distinct and unique buildups.

For all of you who missed out on this track back in 2011, have no fear the track is finally here! Check out the Bassjackers remix below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Hardwell To Release “Back To Earth” By British Trio Futuristic Polar Bears


Who are the Futuristic Polar Bears you might ask? Hailing from Britain, they are Hardwell’s latest find.  They are a British trio with tons of potential.  Their soundcloud is definitely worth checking out.  They have some hidden gems in their arsenal.

First premiered during Hardwell’s Tomorrowworld 2013 set in Atlanta, Georgia, tons of fans thought “Back To Earth” was a new Blasterjaxx track, or maybe their collaboration with Bassjackers (both duo’s have teased fans on social media networks about a collaboration underway).  Hardwell debuted this as a recognized track in his “Hardwell On Air” Episode 151.

The breakdown is in a spine-chilling synth, leading to a melodic bridge.  It fades away into a crazy build-up, and drops into a massive big-room electro festival killer.  The bass sounds similar to Blasterjaxx’s signature bass, as seen in another one of their track’s, “Fifteen”, out on Revealed Records.  This was another reason why loads of people thought it was a new Blasterjaxx track.  It’s a major big-room electro banger and this trio needs more recognition.  The track will be released on Revealed Records on February 3rd.  Let us know what you think!

Enjoy, Russ

Time For A “Rave-Olution” With Kenneth G And AudioTwinz


Today, January 27th, is a special day for Kenneth G.  Ironically, it’s not just because he released another one of his bombs to a major label.  No.  This isn’t his first release on this label as Kenneth G and Hysteria have previously given us tracks such as “Duckface” (a collaboration with Bassjackers), “Bazinga”, and “Stay Weird” (aka Bazinga 2.0).  Today marks Kenneth’s birthday- what better way to celebrate a birthday other than releasing your next club-smashing idea?

AudioTwinz are an upcoming British duo and are actually twins.  Already supported by Laidabck Luke, Juyen Sebulba, MAKJ, Bassjackers, etc, they have a bright future ahead of them and are off to a brilliant start.  You can head over to their twitter page and check out some of their upcoming tracks that they’ve tweeted here: AudioTwinz .

This track, “Rave-Olution”, is a bouncy electro bomb.  Kenneth G’s dutch synths are present while AudioTwinz seems to have given the bouncyness to the track.  The banger has been gaining support around the industry and will continue to do so.  It was premiered at Stereosonic in Australia, by none other than the Bingo Players themselves.  Now show your support and head over to beatport to grab the track today.

Buy Rave-Olution On Beatport Here

Enjoy, Russ