Sikdope Gives Us An Unreal Remix To Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love”


The trending track of the week for DJ’s to remix goes to Beyonce and her new hit single “Drunk In Love”. Regardless of whatever genre you listen too, it is a rule that you have to be a fan of Beyonce and her incredible talent and amazingly good looks. Whether she is grinding up on Jay-Z at the Grammy’s or just simply touring the world, she just does everything right.

Well this week we have been blessed with several ridiculous remixes of Beyonce’s hit single and this remix done by Sikdope definitely takes the cake. Yes Diplo’s remix was also unreal, but this track just hits harder from a trap style standpoint. This remix is being supported by Buygore Records and record label owner Borgore himself.

Sikdope does his thing on this remix and really throws a completely different style on this track while still maintaing its slow original pace. This massive remix definitely requires good speakers and or headphones because let us tell you the bass hits hard! Lucky for all of us this track is available for free download and seems to be the perfect track for all of our trap lovers out there. Definitely check out this remix below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Dillon Francis & DJ Snake “Get Low” In Their Newest Track


Easily one of the most anticipated songs of 2014 has finally arrived in the form of a ridiculous collaboration between EDM’s comedic genius, Dillon Francis, and the ever so fashionable, DJ Snake.

This song has been around for quite some time now, being teased and played out by both DJs respectively. For everyone anyone who has been on Dillon Francis’s Instagram recently can definitely support the ridiculous, yet, hilarious videos.

What makes “Get Low” such a massive track is that it combines both Dillon Francis’s and DJ Snakes strong suits, with Dillon Francis laying down the moombaton style while DJ Snake supplies the electro flair. This arabian theme track takes everything to the next level reveling how the unique sounds of electronic dance music continue to involve day in and day out.

This track after a much anticipated wait has finally been released today off of Diplo’s record label, Mad Decent. Expect this track to sky rocket up the Beatport Charts in a hurry, but for now check out the track below! This track is going to be a hit, what do you think of this massive collaboration?

-Enjoy, Lampert

UZ and Aazar Give Away Their Latest Club Smasher “Shake”


UZ is more than just a name. It’s the sound of assaulting hi-hats reminiscent of a sub machine gun.  UZ’s popularity came with his mixtape entitled ‘TRAP SHIT’ to which he gained the support of many established DJ’s and label owners such as Mad Decent, OWSLA, BNR, SMOG, and Mau5trap.  Over the past two years he has remained on top of his game and a staple of the trap scene.

His identity is relatively unknown and he performs live with his signature mask for festival crowds and clubs alike.  He has laid back beats with on point percussion that will get anyone swaying back and forth.  But don’t be fooled by his minimalist approach as he has a tendency to manipulate trippy samples and leave audiences in awe.

His new single with Aazar, “Shake”, is a small treat for fans who have been missing his addictive style.  Flooded with rapid fire hi-hats, booming 808’s, and of course a vocal sample ‘Shake what your momma gave you!’ The music, the mask, the gun.  UZ is more than a man, he is a cult following.

Enjoy, Todd

DJ Green Lantern, “The Evil Genius”, At Webster This Friday


It is only natural to assume Hip-Hop turned Trap producers will have a heavy hand when it comes to rap samples, but when it comes to DJ Green Lantern it is quality over quantity.  Whether it be Snoop and Dr. Dre’s ‘Next Episode’ or vintage Jay-Z on his own ‘Jigga Man Bootleg’, Green Lantern has been bringing Hip-Hop classics deep into the trap for a couple of years now and doesn’t seem to want to stop anytime soon.

Two months ago Green lantern released his ‘Show Me’ Bootleg to the delight of everyone’s ears.  He samples another Jay song with ‘Show Me What You Got’ but unlike many other generic trap DJ’s, he brings his own style and creativity (and he appears to have plenty of that) to make it his own.  His ability to blend popular and classic rap samples combined with his affinity for trap leaves fans craving more bangers to take them back to their childhoods.

If you have not been lucky enough to see The Evil Genius live yet, make it a priority.  You won’t have to look far though, because he has been at almost every major electronic festival for the past two years now and is only getting more popular with a new group of fans.  If you live in NYC, you’re even luckier because you’ll be able to see him this Friday, January 31st, 2014 at Webster Hall.  We’ll be there, so come find us in the trap.

Enjoy, Todd

Henry Fong’s “Stand Up” To Be Released On OWSLA, Remix Package Included


Another rising American producer to watch out for is Henry Fong. One of his most prominent production projects was given away as a free download, “Stand Up”.  In addition, he has several remixes and originals under his belt including a hard electro remix for Zedd’s “Stay The Night”, a remix for Kill the Noise’s “Mosh It Up”, a collaboration with MAKJ called “Encore”, a collaboration with Mike Hawkins and Pablo Oliveros “Jump!”, and many more.  Whether it’s grimy, pounding electro-house or happy progressive, Henry Fong is a brilliant artist.

Just like some other popular free downloads (“Yee” and “Lose It” by Deorro), “Stand Up” has been picked up and signed by a major label; Skrillex and OWSLA were the lucky winners with “Stand Up”.  

Since we’re talking about OWSLA, as you would expect, we are given a trap remix, a tech-house remix, and a wild-electro one to top it off.  Milo and Otis deck this track out into a trap version.  Destructo goes really dark and techy, giving is some grimy flare.  DallasK gave the track a progressively, hard electro, OWSLA sounding remix.  The package is out on February 11th.

Enjoy, Russ

Victor Niglio Drops His Twerk VIP Remix To “Animals”


A lot of you may be thinking, oh sh*t another remix to “Animals” by Martin Garrix, well let us tell you this is definitely worth checking out.

The remix is done by none other then trap super star, Victor Niglio. This past year has been massive for Victor as he has exploded onto the scene with his massive remixes and original tracks. Well this Twerk styled VIP remix takes “Animals” to another level. Yes 2013 maybe over, but long live “Animals” and long live the Twerk VIP Remix.

You should 100% check this track out as it is going to be massive! Let us know what you think.

-Enjoy, Lampert

Flosstradamus & DJ Sliink – Test Me


Fools gold records is literally full of amazing DJs and thanks to A-track and company they keep producing great music. This song Test by trap star Flosstradamus is just another amazing song. For all of you people into trap, the name Flosstradamus might as well be a household name by name. He performed last night in the city at Webster Hall and from what I’ve been hearing, he straight blew the roof of Webster Hall. If your going to listen to this song you without a question need loud speakers and a shit ton of bass because this trap song is no joke. If your not into the trap this song probably isn’t for you, but give it a listen.

-Enjoy, Lampert

A-Trak – Landline 2.0 feat. GTA


Whats winter music conference week without some new A-trak. The owner and co-founder of fools gold records is back with some fire trap music. A-trak has been known to dabble in and out of genres and one can tell by listening to him he loves to throw it back with some trap every now and then. In this song Landline 2.0 A-trak teams up with upcoming boys GTA to create this fabulous jam. This song has apparently been featured on the Adidas commercial which I don’t know much about, but would love to check it out. Well as another tuesday night rolls around make sure to throw this track onto the pregame playlist and or party playlist because this song is good.


-Bump it, Lampert

Sak Noel – Loca People (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix)


This song Loca People by Sak Noel is an absolute hit in itself, I will never forgetting this song being played on spring break last year and how crazy people went. But then you got the trap remix by Kennedy Jones. Kennedy Jones is rising fast in the Trap game and I can see why. This remix is absolutely filthy and requires a a lot of bass or really good headphones. If you are a fan of trap you can’t go wrong with this song if not then this may not be for you. This is a free download so enjoy it people.


-Enjoy, Daniel

Zeds Dead – Ratchet


Whenever I hear a Zeds Dead song the only thing that comes to mind is hard. This duo makes crazy music and they never seem to disappoint. This song Ratchet has some pretty funny lyrics and don’t make much senese, but it seems they go along with the lyrics. This song requires some ridiculous speakers, a lot of bass, a dark room, some black lights, and a lot of people ready to go nuts. On the brink of this friday night make sure to download this song and throw it on the pregame playlist or just the party playlist. It is a free download…so download.



-Happy friday, Lampert