Sick Individuals Are Destined For Big Things After Throwing Down A Massive Set At Slake NYC


This past friday night, New York City was graced with the dutch rising superstars Sick Individuals. After throwing down a massive set at the I AM HARDWELL, Pier 94, show back in December, the crowd knew what they were in for. Having debuted hits in 2013 with the likes of Axwell and fellowing rising superstar, Dannic, the night was destined for big things.

Being called upon to headline Slake NYC is no easy task, but the sense of anticipation in the club this past Friday night was buzzing. Coming out to a packed room the duo brought instant energy into the club throwing down their hit track “Blue Print”, which they co-produced with Dannic. From there the sky was the limit for this massive set and everyone in the club knew it.

What makes the Sick Individuals such a great DJ duo is their unique style they bring to their sets. It is never just one genre of electronic dance music, it is always a whole host of genres. Whether they are throwing down an electro house track or something a little more progressive, it is always done with 110% energy. The crowd feeds off this energy that the duo radiates and thats why their popularity has grown ten-folds this past year.

Dropping everything in their arsenal, the night was a massive success and the perfect first headlining gig for this up-and-coming dutch duo. The crowd left the club still buzzing well into the early hours of Friday night thinking about the next time the Sick Individuals would descend upon New York City. For all of those in attendances, we witnessed a mesmerizing show and for all those who missed out there is always next time!

-Keep Raging, Lampert

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