Major Lazer Debut Their Newest Track “Aerosol Can” ft. Pharrell Williams Off Their New EP “Apocalypse Soon”


Over the past few years Major Lazer has turned into something more then anyone could have imagined. Their unique infusion of reggae and electronic dance music puts the trio in a league of their own. So in light of their massive success leave it to Diplo, Walshy Fire, and Jillionaire to drop their newest 5 track EP titled “APOCALYPSE SOON”.

The new EP is set to feature the likes of Pharrell Williams, Sean Paul, Michael Montano, Mr. Fox, RDX and Moska. All of these artists and DJs alike will help make this follow up to their first EP “Free The Universe” such a success.

With the release date set for February 25th, Major Lazer has released one of the tracks off the new EP which is titled “Aersol Can” featuring Pharrell Williams. This minimalist track features the extensive vocals of Pharrell Williams while Major Lazer helps create the beat. The beat may not be what we are used to from Major Lazer, but it certainly packs a punch in its own way.

If this track is any indication of what is to come from the trio that is Major Lazer, us fans are definitely in for a treat. Definitely check this track out below and let us know what you think!

-Enjoy, Lampert

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