Laidback Luke With Another Attempt At The Melbourne Bounce


Laidback Luke is back with another smashing remix.  Timeflies’ “All The Way” is given a jolly, dancey,-progressive Melbourne twist.  This remix is a mixture of Luke’s classic style and his new Melbourne infused sounds.  The classic synths are noticeable during the lyrics of the song.  He swiftly transitions from the breakdown to the build-up, the build-up being rather simple and a short.  . The final build-up is only a frame of 16, with a smooth lead to the drop.  He uses a loop, which progresses after every 4 frames

The track has beautiful lyrics and was phenomenally sung by Timeflies.  Laidback Luke is known for his large array of producing styles;  He can’t be categorized.  He has recently been influenced by the Melbourne  It’s out now on Island Records, so go grab your copy today.

Enjoy, Russ

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