Andrew Bayer Continues His Impressive Rise With The Tune “Once Lydian”


Few artists in the current electronic music scene are as creative as D.C.-based producer Andrew Bayer. Last year, the American released a whopping 17 songs during the year of 2013 under Above & Beyond‘s label Anjunabeats– including hits like “Perth”, “Need Your Love”, and “England”. In addition, he released his highly acclaimed second album If It Were You, We’d Never Leave.¬†Recently the artist has followed in the footsteps of his idols Above & Beyond; shifting from experimental house to uplifting progressive trance. The producer has has continued his recent trance trend with his new track “Once Lydian”- Debuting it first at the massive Above & Beyond Group Therapy 50 (ABGT50) show at Alexandra Palace in London. Listen to it here:

This euphoric trance masterpiece will be released on February 3rd on Anjunabeats


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