David Guetta And Skylar Grey Prepared To Release New Single “Shot Me Down” January 20th


David Guetta hasn’t put out too many songs lately, his most recent popular track is “Ain’t A Party”, which was a collaboration with Glowinthedark.  There is always controversy in the media regarding Guetta being a sell out and a fake or about him being too soft and progressive, but now it’s time for him to show everyone that he’s still got it as far as electro house goes.  The official preview is only 20 seconds long- but they make great use of those 20 seconds.  He provides his fans with enough aspects to determine how the track will be.  Skylar Grey and her beautiful voice will give chills down several spines during this years festival season, as she sings the classic vocals of Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang”.  Guetta gives this part of the track an authentic feel using the guitar behind the vocals.  The build-up sounds like a dirty electro Guetta beat.  The first drop is disgusting yet seems somewhat simple and bass-filled. It progresses, adding more layers and synths to give the drop more energy.  Provided below is a YouTube video of a live rip we found to give you a full idea of how the track will be, while the official preview is given to provide credibility.

Enjoy, Russ

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