Pete Tong Debuts Sander Van Doorn’s Newest Track “Right Here, Right Now” (Neon)


When Sander Van Doorn debut his hit “Neon” a few months ago, the whole world knew the track was going to be a hit. The progressive styled track is perfect and continues to show why Sander Van Doorn ranks among the worlds best DJs year in and year out.

Well with the New Year just starting, leave it to Sander and his team to debut the vocal version of his hit track via Pete Tong’s BBC Radio One broadcast. The vocal remix goes by the title “Right Here, Right Now” and the vocal version only enhances the original track. Unfortunately at this time, we aren’t sure of the vocalist, but this guys voice is unreal!

When this track is released expect it to sky rocket up the Beatport Charts and expect to hear this track being played at world wide! This track is amazing, definitely check this one out!

-Enjoy, Lampert

Top Photo Credit: Ash Youd

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