Schuppel & Andy Pants – AK-47


I’m very proud to announce a brand new original coming from one of my boy’s and his boy, Andrew Lurie aka Andy Pants and Kevin Schuppel.  With a beautiful piano synth build-up ultimately leads up to this monstrous bass filled drop.  First time I heard it, it was hard to believe that this track came from a couple of kids in the New York area trying to fulfill their dreams in the music industry.  I actually felt as if I was listening to a Laidback Luke/ Mixmash Record with the piano like build up.  The drop reminded me something that would come out on Size or Flamingo Records.  They’ve also remixed everyone’s Sweet Sixteen favorite, Calabria, but give it a disgusting electro twist.  It’s straight piff.  I can never listen to the original again.  They deserve all the recognition they can get so you guys should definitely give them a shot and share this with you’re friends. They’re worth listening to I promise.  Again- bump your bass and prepare to get brain f*cked.

Enjoy, Russ

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