Kenneth G – Stay Weird


On New Years Eve, I saw Bassjackers close at the “Dada Land Compound”.  Marlon blew Brooklyn out of the water.  He dropped ID’s like there was no tomorrow.  The top 3 catchiest tracks I heard that night from Bassjackers were “Duckface”, “Krack”, and now this- “Stay Weird”.  When it dropped, all I was able to think about was how similar the track was to “Bazinga”.  It turns out, Stay Weird is also known as Bazinga 2.0. I took out my phone and grabbed a perfect 45 second video.  Ever since, I’ve been dying to know what it was.  I found out a few months ago and have been dying for the release.  It’s got a deep build-up that leads to the sample “Speaking of Frequency” right before the drop.  You must turn the volume up because you’re going to love the big-room Dutch bleep-like drop. It just released today, July 29th, on Hysteria Records.  The Bingo Players have been releasing bombs and they’ve got more coming so stay tuned for more releases and previews.  Also, best wishes to Paul from the Bingo Players as he is battling cancer.

Enjoy, Russ

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