Alvaro & Mercer feat Lil Jon – Welcome To The Jungle (Riggi & Piros Remix)


If you know anything about Riggi & Piros, then you know they’re all about bomb electro-house remixes.  These New Jersey natives have blown up- really quickly.  From their remix of “Animals” to “Springen”, this duo has shown a lot of potential.  Their Animals remix has grown the most support from DJ’s in the game.  They’re all about electrifying drops- and that’s exactly what this remix delivers in particular.  I love the jungle-like original build-up and this duo does a great job putting their own twist on it.  The remix is hard as f*ck so make sure you crank your bass up.  Sorry I’ve been so slow with posts lately, there’s been a lot going on.  We’ll make every effort to be back on track with at least a post a day.  I hope you guys like this free download.

Enjoy, Russ

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