Hardwell & Blasterjaxx – ID [Live Rip Preview]


We here at unitedbydance highly support the dutch duo Blasterjaxx.  They are rising really quickly gaining support from more and more top DJ’s in the game.  Their sound is too distinct.  I thought their style started to get repetitive with their high synths, drums and snares but they keep thinking of unique ways to implement it.  This past weekend was EDC Vegas- tonight is the last night.  So far one of the top sets I’ve heard comes from, no surprise here, Hardwell.  He dropped a few ID’s along with some of the same ID’s and mash-ups from UMF Miami.  This particular track is filled with tons of energy and a banging electro anthemic drop.  Hardwell + Blasterjaxx = instant bomb.  It’s efinitely worth listening to because I promise it’ll be a top release in several months from now.  It’s nice to get ahead of the game.  Stay tuned for more posts on unreleased tracks within the next week because EDC Vegas is bringing us tons of new tracks, the kinds of tracks I love knowing about before everyone else does.

Enjoy, Russ

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