Afrojack – Raybomb


After being quiet for quite some time now, Afrojack finally gave us new previews of some of his upcoming tracks.  If you’ve been following us since March, you may be aware of an ID of Afrojack’s that I posted back in March.  I posted a video from YouTube of this song from Ultra, which I was highly obsessed with.  Even though Afrojack hasn’t been releasing so much of his new stuff, I’m anticipating an album coming out in the near future.  I know he’s got at least 20 unreleased tracks  He’s got a few trap songs coming out too, which are mind-blowing.  This track, Raybomb, is simply a bomb.  Afrojack stays true to his signature Dutch style and brings the bass with this track.  I can’t wait for the release.  I’m sure if you guys love Dutch and/or Afrojack, you will fall in love with this track as well.  I love the sample that he uses before the drop, which is easily recognizable (Turn Up the Bass!).  He’s having a competition which involves creating the music video for the track.  If you’re interesting, head over to his facebook for more information.

Enjoy, Russ

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