Wallpaper – Good 4 It (Laidback Luke Goes Melbourne Remix) and Suit & Tie – Justin Timberlake feat Jay-Z (Laidback Luke Bootleg)


As I’m in the midst of finals week, I should not be procrastinating and writing blogs.  But, during this short break that I just took, I came across this remix of “Good 4 It” by the mastermind Laidback Luke.  The Melbourne style of house music is growing rapidly and is undeniably funky and disgusting.  Laidback Luke has been infusing Melbourne house music in portions of his sets as he highly supports that style and sound.  He is well-known for throwing in all different styles of music, from tech house to deep house to hip hop to electro house to dutch house, he covers it all.  After seeing him 5 times thus far, his sets are never predictable and always blows my mind.  His song-a-minute technique keeps his crowd on edge.  He is one of the very few highly skilled DJ’s that implement this style and can drop 30-40 songs in an hour set, or even more (Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike and Porter Robinson are a couple other DJ’s that implement this style)!.  Not that I’m bashing on top Dj’s that average 15-16 songs per hour ( Avicii, Hardwell, Tiesto, Afrojack) but Laidback Luke’s skills seem so far advanced .  Lately, he has played around with the Melbourne sound in a couple of his productions and they are straight groovy.  Definitely check these tracks out if you want to put a smile on your face.  His remix to Suit & Tie is also a funky fire track.  The Melbourne style comes into full effect 1:57 into the song and does nothing but make you move.  Laidback Luke has so many originals and remixes that I’m hoping releases (ASAP!) over the next couple of months and I anticipate every preview and release that he exposes us to.  For now, enjoy these songs while they aren’t overplayed nor advertised.

Enjoy the f*ck out of these!, Russ

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