Carnage review from Webster Hall- Saturday Night + his new track- Signal!


Where to even beginning. Saturday night was probably one of the best concert’s I have seen in a while and I go to a lot of them. My evening started around 12:30 just arriving to Webster to see whoever the random opener was. He wasn’t bad, but you could tell the crowd was just buzzing with anticipation for the arrival of Carnage. But things were a little different Saturday night. The group who was supposed to come on before Carnage had yet to arrive at Webster Hall, so without further adieu, Carnage took the stage at 1am and what a massive treat we were in for. Carnage played hit after hit and everything seemed to work. New York was alive Saturday night and from the upstairs balcony you could literally feel the heat rising from the crowd. With Mothers day being that Sunday, Carnage the family man he is, brought his mother and grandmother out to the concert to see him perform. What a boy he is to do that. Carnage dropped his new track Signal, the newest track by Martix Garrix Animal, and for all of those in the crowd sweating a little from that bad girl Molly he played the most popular remix to I Popped a Molly I’m Sweatin. Carnage played for a hour and a half and the last song, he brought what seemed like the entire crowd on stage. He played Diplo’s Express Yourself and thats what all the girls did. I have never seen anything like it and it was a great sight to see. Carnage was f*ckin awesome and truly knew how to control the crowd Saturday night, big things to come for this man for the rest of 2013 and I can not wait to see him again soon. Below is his newest single Signal! I posted it last week, but its that good for me to post about again.


-Enjoy, Lampert- EDC NYC 5 DAYS

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