Carnage Ft. New & Used – Signal! (Original Mix)


What comes to mind when you think of your stereotypical DJ these days? Tall, skinny, probably white, but f*ck no Carnage is so far from that its shocking. Take a Rick Ross looking dude, make him a little shorter and not as fat, and you got one Ratchet DJ. My dude Carnage who hails from Guatemala  City is absolutely taking the world by storm. He is signal handily creating his own genre of EDM and everyone is absolutely loving it. What Carnage does isn’t meant for laptops, its not meant for IPOD’s, its meant for festivals and concerts. This newest song called Signal shows how far Carnage has come in this past year, this electro trap track is out of this world. I am seeing him this weekend at Webster Hall and if you got 20 bucks to spend and you live in NYC this is a must attend. I will be out there getting ratchet as f*ck. There is this one girl I’m trying to get to come with me…I hope she gets to come it will definitely be worth it.


-Get rowdy, Lampert

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