Above & Beyond – Walter White


Who is Walter White? Some of you may be asking that question while looking at the title of this song, but for you who don’t know the name Walter White shame on you. Walter White is the man character of the great TV show Breaking Bad and of course the title to the next Above and Beyond track. This song is so Above and Beyond is absolutely nuts. The slow beautiful build up that almost comes to a complete stop, then the euphoric drop is truly amazing. Essentially what they do with this song is gives it moods. Walter White was a moody man, so take the song on the journey from highs to lows. This song has been on the test track recently and has gotten amazing results, they even dropped this track at Ultra, unbeknownst to the crowd. This guys never stop doing what they love and they keep giving us music we love. I am obsessed with this track and hope you guys feel the same way.


-Enjoy, Lampert

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