Starkillers, Richard Beynon & Kai – Rampage


I am sure by now most of you probably don’t have a clue who any of these DJs are and granted I don’t know who 2 of them are either. The lead name on this track is Starkillers and if you go way back and look at Starkillers list of hits you will come across this little track name “Pressure” that he did with Alesso once upon a time. This track definitely brought Starkillers into the game and he has gone somewhat quiet over the past few years. I saw Starkillers a few weeks ago over at Webster Hall and I heard this track dropped during his set and wondered what the f*ck it was, but couldn’t find a name for it. But thanks to Spinnin’ Records I know Starkillers, Richard Beynon, & Kai new track is called Rampage.  This track has a nice progressive sound to it and is perfect for what Spinnin’ Records is trying to produce and the type of music we want to hear. Give this song a look and let me know what you think.


-Enjoy, Lampert

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