SeanLIVESon 2013 Feat. KAP-SLAP


No matter who you are or where your from Cancer has effected you or your family one way or another. It has effected my family and I personal and every day I give thanks that I have a beautiful sister who fought through this terrible disease and now lives a wonderful and healthy life. But for some they aren’t so lucky. Cancer is a terrible terrible disease and every day countless people lose their fight with Cancer. A few years ago my good friend Zach started an event in order to remember his friend and classmate Sean Riley. What started out as a small event with a few local DJs in order to raise money in Sean’s memory grew into something so much more then any of us could have ever expected. This event in Sean’s memory allows to reunite each year and remember what a wonderful kid Sean was, while dancing to his memory. This year for the first time ever, Seanlives on presents a major headliner who goes by the name of KapSlap. If you haven’t heard of KapSlap you are all in for a huge treat. KapSlap has become known for his impressive mashups and continues touring the country and growing into a household name in the EDM world. Tickets go onsale TODAY and if you are from Long Island this event is a must attend. EDM unites people unlike any other genre of music, so for this night come out and support a boys legacy who will forever remain in our hearts while having a good time with your EDM family. Below you will find the link to the ticket page, tickets will sell quickly and this event is 16+, so everyone from high schoolers on up come out and support. If you haven’t heard of KapSlap below you’ll find a little preview

Seanlives On Tickets


-This post is for you Sean, Lampert

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