Feel the Beat (Original Mix)- 3HK1R


EDM is something that goes far beyond the boundaries of just the top DJs. Every where around the world people are trying to crack into the business whether they are young or old everyone can make music if they want. But to make music and to have talent are two completely different things. As a blogger it is my job to find these people who make music other people want to listen to. I think I have found the next big thing and he goes by the name of 3HK1R. I have absolutely zero clue how to pronounce his name but granted I had no clue how to pronounce R3hab and Deadmau5 when I first started listening to there stuff. This kid is a 17 year old producer out of Long Island and remember people the last big thing to come out of Long Island was 3lau and I think this kid has more potential then Justin 3lau because he is already producing his own music in all different genres of EDM. This song called “Feel the Beat” is fantastic and most importantly has a crazy drop. I have been sending this around to a few friends and I have gotten positive feedback on this track every time. So take a second and check this kid out because I got faith in a few years he will be doing something special. Below you will find two songs to showcase how diverse this kid is even at the age of 17.


-Enjoy, Lampert

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