Laidback Luke & Hardwell – Dynamo


I don’t care who you are, but if you like EDM and you see the names Hardwell and Laidback Luke together in a song, you should be one happy person. This collab feats two of the best DJs in the world right now. After Hardwells set at Ultra, I know for certain this man is destined for greatness and will one day be the best DJ in the world. His set at Ultra was literally unreal. Then Laidback Luke, this man has been at it for quite some time now and he just keeps making amazing tracks. This song has a great buildup and the drop is absolutely wild. This song has been surfacing around for a little while now, but its about time it comes out. This is just a preview so check back April 22nd when this song officially drops.And sure why not, I’ll throw up both Hardwell and Laidback Lukes Ultra sets.

-Enjoy, Lampert

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