Swedish House Mafia – One Last Tour at Ultra Music Festival 2013


For one last time, I am going to throw up Swedish House Mafias last ever set from Ultra Music Festival. To me this set really sums up the EDM world in a nut shell. This set may have played a lot of popular songs and the set may have seemed the same as other SHM sets, but this was just different. These 3 DJs came together years ago to create something more themselves. They created a following and the following grew from Sweden, to all of Europe, to the entire world. What these 3 men were able to accomplish was truly remarkable and just from watching the set you could tell how much love was in the air that evening. No matter where your from, what you do, how old you are, EDM brings people together in a way that words can not truly describe. As a fan EDM and SHM this night was truly bitter sweet. I have seen all 3 of them before individually and I am truly sad I will never get to see them perform together ever again. The EDM world lost a truly great trio this past Sunday, but the sky is the limit for EDM and what it will continue to do in the future. For one last time, ” You Came, You Raved, We Loved it,” Swedish House Mafia.

SHM Last Ever Set


-One love, Lampert

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