Chuckie ft. Dzeko & Torres – Down To This + Chuckies Weekend 2 Set


I guess I am just all about Chuckie this morning lol. This song was ID last night in David Guettas set by David Guetta himself yelling out, “Do you want to hear some brand new Chuckie.” This song called Down to This is exactly what Chuckie does and does well. He makes massive songs with massive beats and makes the crowd go absolutely nuts. Watching Ultra TV made me finally realize how good of DJ Chuckie is and how diverse his sets are. I was so impressed yesterday when he brought out legendary guitarist Slash from Guns and Roses to perform a song with him. Thats ALOT better then Avicii bringing out his banjo player. The song is yet to be relased so check back in the coming weeks for its release, but for now enjoy a free download of Chuckies unreal Ultra set.


-Enjoy, Lampert

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