Afrojack – ID [Live Ultra Rip]


I’m all about the newest music- specifically the unreleased songs that DJ’s drop that won’t be released until months after it’s first play.  I’ve been listening to this ID since Afrojack’s Jacked Radio episode 071.  I’m not the biggest fan of Afrojack live; I only love specific productions from him.  There is no mistaking that this track will be coming out on his label, Jacked, as this track appears to be another Afrojack single.  It’s got the signature Afrojack bleep-like synths and the drop is too catchy.  It’s nothing crazy; if you’re into Afrojack music, you’ll love this track.  I can’t wait for an official preview.  I see this track coming out within the next month being that Afrojack just played it on his radio station.  This suggests that the track is in its final stages of minor tweaking.  Be on the lookout for this banger, especially at weekend 2 of Ultra starting today, Friday the 22nd.

This is another ID that appears to also be by Afrojack. This track starts building up around 45 seconds and drop about 2:26 you’ll hear the sample “Turn up the bass!”. This track is a lot more energy filled and seems more of a festival banger than the other track.

Enjoy, Russ

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