Pretty Lights – Ultra Music Festival (Miami) Live Set 2013


For some odd reason I have always been very eh about Pretty Lights and what this man is able to do behind the DJ booth, but he is growing on me hardcore. I had a few options this past New Years for concerts to attend and for some odd reason I went with Pretty Lights and I have been hooked ever since. Watching this man spin for almost 4 and half hours and just doing his thing truly made me appreciate him so much more. This year at Ultra, Pretty Lights graced the Live Stage and literally packed out the live theater, by watching the live feed you literally couldn’t move in there. His sets seem to be so diverse its hard not to just go hard when you see this man live because he himself is going just as hard as anyone in the crowd. I am all about trying to mix it up on this website so without further ado here is Pretty Lights set from Ultra Weekend 1 and expect bigger and better things from this man come Weekend 2 of the worlds greatest music festival. Oh yeah and its a free download.


-Enjoy, Lampert

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