Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love (Jacob Plant Remix)


When I first heard this song I knew this track would blow up- then I heard Hardwell drop it on his latest episode of Hardwell On Air (106). Calvin Harris’ songs are more so maintstream, progressive-like and dancey.  Now, look at Ellie Goulding. “Gould” is what you should expect from vocal aspect.  When you add the two together, you get such a beautiful song.  But a remix by Jacob Plant?  Most of you may question who this guy even is.  He’s more known as a dubstep/trap producer but this track is unlike his other productions; this house track incorporates a bass bumping drop with such beautiful vocals.  This is the perfect remix for a Calvin Harris song.  The link posted is a shortened version of the song but its downloadable.  Another track by Jacob Plant with a heavy, banging electro drop is “Shakedown”.  This is one of the filthiest songs I heard Tiesto drop in Albany for his College Invasion.  It’s relentless with its bass and electro-dub sound. I look forward to future house productions from Jacob Plant.

For Now-Enjoy, Russ

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