Nilson vs Third Party Feat. RHCP – Otherside (3LAU Edit)


I am a big fan of 3lau and what he does, but in order for him to take that next step he has to start moving away from the mashups and start producing his own music. 3lau is just your average long island kid who happens to be living all of our dreams and that is being a big time DJ. As time progress 3lau is becoming bigger and bigger and I can see why. Even though right now he makes a lot of mashups he does a very good job of it. During his Electric Zoo set, he was great and had the crowd going the entire time. To be a good DJ you not only have to be good at what you do, you also have to have the crowd behind you and that is exactly what 3lau is so good at. This mashup is a the otherside remix by third party and the acapella version mixed with By tonight. This is a free download so enjoy.


-Happy Tuesday, Lampert

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