[PREVIEW] Tiesto, Quintino & Alvaro – United


The only two songs that I caught on camera during Tiesto’s College Invasion were two ID’s dropped by Tiesto himself.  It’s rough for me to take out my phone being that I’m a raver and my gloves are always on.  The first video I discovered shortly after the show was Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, GTA, and Wolfpack’s new bomb “Turn It Up”.  The second I couldn’t really figure out, until Ultra released an official preview of one of their anthems for this years festival.  For me to stop what I’m doing (raging) and take out my phone to catch a song on video is really rare but I see why I recorded it.  This official preview coming from Ultra Records is poor in quality and doesn’t do this track justice, but it’s a track I found that was moving and hard I heard it live.  It doesn’t have that usual Tiesto-anthemy sound but its fire.  Enjoy it live wherever you may hear it, specificallu at this years Ultra Music Festival.

Enjoy, Russ

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