[PREVIEW] Hard Rock Sofa – Rasputin


For those of you who will be seeing the Swedish House Mafia within the next three weeks, you may or may not know what to anticipate.  Depending on your familiarity with the trio, you might know that they are known to play the same typical predictable set.  The thing that I’ve noticed through live rips and YouTube videos from their tour is that they have surprisingly been throwing in various ID’s at different shows.  I bring to you today yet another live rip; it’s all I’m able to provide for you guys, but it’s worth it.  As we all know the Swedish House Mafia debuted Quasar by Hard Rock Sofa, which was mashed with Coming Home and Aerodynamic.  What made that mash-up so epic was the drop, Quasar.  This track Rasputin will be out on Axtone Records in the coming months.  The preview is from San Francisco and the vocals of Won’t Get Lost (Sunrise) by Tommy Trash and Ashton Shuffle are thrown over it.  I can guarantee you’ll be hearing this by Angello, Axwell and Ingrosso live in New York, Miami or wherever you may be lucky enough to catch them, as they’re down to the last few weeks of their “One Last Tour”.  This track is compiled of the typical Hard Rock Sofa style break-down, build-up, and drop.  The bass seems so powerful and moving; I can’t wait to hear a quality version but for now let’s enjoy the new music that we’re exposed to.

Enjoy, Russ

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