DBN vs. Dohr & Mangold -Tromp it (preview)


When one listens to Fedde le Grands Dark Light sessions you expect to hear some of the best new tunes around. I tune in almost every week and listen to his podcast in its entirety. This week during weeks Podcast, I heard this song and I literally couldn’t get it out of my head. Let me present to you Tromp it by the German duo that is Dohr and Mangold. This song is different then anything I have heard before with regards to the build up. The trumpet sound gives this song a definite unique flair unlike anything I have heard before. The best word to describe this song is Funky. This song is yet to be released and a date for release is sometime in the near future on Fedde le Grands Flamingo records. This preview is a free download so enjoy.


-Happy Sunday, Lampert

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