You are like Nobody Else- Swanky tunes & Peking Duk


Last year on New Years, I went to see Avicii at Pier 94 and around 3:30am Avicii stepped off the stage and on came these 3 pumped up performers by the name of Swanky Tunes. I just taken a seat and began to feel the aches and pains of a long night of dancing and decided it was time to leave. That was then and this is now and damn do I regret skipping their performance. Swanky Tunes is blowing up these days and seem to be making music that attracts all the biggest stars. This song was recently cut from Nicky Romero’s Protocol Radio and damn am I happy it was. This song features Swanky tunes and an Australian DJ by the name of Peking Duk and another gifted Australian Vocalist by the name of James Mcnally. This song is set to drop February 11th on Showland records so for now enjoy the soundcloud preview.


-Enjoy, Lampert

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