Self Appointed King of House, DJ Carnage, set to invade Pacha 1/26


If you don’t know who Carnage is by now either one you don’t really like music or two is that you live under a rock. But this man certainly knows how to make music. Banger after banger is making this man blow up like wild fire. Even though he is set to perform before Alvin Risk, everyone going to Pacha better make sure to get there extra early in order to see a bass defying performance. So in order to give you an idea of how good Carnage is, here is his upcoming preview of Incredible coming out February 4th featuring himself and Borgore. Said by DJ Carnage himself, ” this isn’t…”Trap”…this isn’t “dubstep” this isn’t a combination of both genres combined..this is HOUSE MUSIC…if you dont like it…FUCK OFF! So I guess enjoy the song. And feel free to download Carnages filthy remix to Showteks Cannonball.

-Enjoy, Lampert

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